Recently, I have been involved in these projects:

TrendMiner is an FP7-ICT project about large-scale, cross-lingual trend mining and summarisation of real-time media streams such as Tweeter and Facebook. The goal of TrendMiner is to analyse and incorporate the sentiment coming from Web 2.0 sources into innovative, portable open-source and real-time forecasting tools for supporting decisions for finance and politics.

LarKC is EU FP 7 Large-Scale Integrating Project aiming to develop the Large Knowledge Collider (LarKC), a platform for massive distributed incomplete reasoning that will remove the scalability barriers of currently existing reasoning systems for the Semantic Web.

TAO project is about how existing 'legacy' applications can migrate to open, semantic-based Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), via ontologies. This research project has finished in March 2009, and lasted 3 years (European Commission, Framework 6).

Travel Guides, intelligent Web portal in the area of tourism, is the prototype which illustrates how existing mainstream tourism applications can benefit from semantic web technologies, specifically ontologies. More about Travel Guides project here.