Research Interests

Question-Answering systems, Natural Language Processing, Dialogues, Ontologies, Semantic search, Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, Ontology-based Information Extraction, Text Mining, Machine Learning, Recommendation Systems, Sentiment Analysis, Usability, User Interaction.

Before joining Kuato Studios I worked as a Research Associate in the GATE team in the Natural Language Processing Group, Department of Computer Science,University of Sheffield , UK. Among other projects, I worked on:

  • Ontology-based Information Extraction and sentiment analysis as a part of TrendMiner project.
  • Application of Information Retrieval methods to large RDF graphs, in order to enable Web-scale reasoning. This work was a part of the LarKC project which aimed to develop a platform for large-scale incomplete reasoning.
  • Applying NLP to semantic web applications, usability of Natural Language Interfaces, and Question answering systems. As a part of the TAO project we developed Question-based Interface to Ontologies (QuestIO) which is transforming keyword based queries or full-blown questions into SeRQL and SPARQL queries.

As a part of my PhD, I looked to improve NLI systems (including QuestIO) and their usability by using combination of various methods including feedback, query refinement and extended vocabulary. As a result, I developed the FREyA system which was evaluated as a part of the QALD-1 challenge in 2011. See results of the challenge. A video describing FREyA is available from here. More details is available in my thesis or in related publications.

My interests also include application of semantic web technologies to E-Tourism. As a part of my MSc Thesis I developed Travel Guides system to illustrate the benefits of using ontologies within mainstream applications.